Our programs provide enriching activities for your child in a nurturing and loving atmosphere.

What our clients are saying…

Placing your child in the right Daycare should be the most important aspect of your child’s growing experience

Here at MiMiz Daycare we strive to make that experience the best!

"My children have learned so much being at Mimiz Daycare, I am confident that they are very loved by all the staff and family”

"Placing your child in daycare is a scary thing, you can't be positive of what goes on when you are not there, however, at Mimiz I get no indication from my kids that they are less than ecstatic to be there! I feel they feel that it is like a second home and family and it is something they look forward to on a daily basis”

"If it wasn’t for Mimiz Daycare, at this point my children would be behind on the development mentally, it is hard to teach kids the things they need when there are only a few waking hours during they day you are together and allot of that time is spent rushing to get somewhere or eating and bedtime routines”

"My child is learning so much and is so happy at MiMiz Daycare, she is not only learning a lot, but is excited about learning...it doesn't get better than that!”

"My child is loved at MiMiz Daycare as if she were MiMiz child, she is a rare and wonderful lady and I can't imagine my child spending her days with anyone else. Thank you for all that you do!!!! We love you!!!”

"MiMi runs a tight ship and I am so glad that my child receives good care. Trusting in one's daycare provider gives peace of mind throughout the work week. I also appreciate all the other things you do like the videos, pictures, etc. You are like family to us "

"I feel you are doing an amazing job and could not have imagined going through the transition of daycare without your help. I want to thank you so much and could not express how important you and your family are in our lives”

"I sincerely appreciate the flexibility and extra hours of care. It's wonderful to go out of town for work and have my child in a home where I know that she is safe and loved”

"Coming from a first time parent, after using a nanny service nothing can compare to MiMiz Daycare, they are flexible in the schedule, nurturing, and have our 2 year old boys’ best interest at heart”

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(Comments from MiMiz Daycare December 2010 Parent Survey: These are not falsifications.)

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